Are You Over-Spending on Health and Beauty?

Are You Over-Spending on Health and Beauty?

Check out Switcheroo’s natural beauty products

Switcheroo carries all kinds of brand-new makeup and beauty products. Browse our selection of lotions, perfumes, cosmetics and essential oils. You’ll find name brands like Mary Kay, Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body. Our inventory changes daily, so stop in today.

You can also try Switcheroo’s own brand of natural beauty products. Some of our original blends are designed to help calm you down, while others can pep you up. As an added bonus, they naturally repel insects.
We offer:

  • Essential Oils
  • Esstential Body Sprays
  • Vegan Lip Gloss
  • Hemp Lotion
  • Essential Oil candles
  • And more!

Visit our shop in New Boston, TX to see what our natural beauty products can do for you.

We carry CBD (Cannabidiol) & KOI Oils

We are one of the only retailers this side of Texarkana that carries CBD and KOI oils. CBD health benefits include anit-inflammation, anti-anxiety, reduced seizures, reduced diabetes, reduced nausea, and more. In many cases, CBD has out performed traditional medications because it offers the same symptom relief without unwanted side effects that you may experience with mainstream medications.

Find beauty products made with CBD essential oils

Did you know that we’re a wholesaler for CBD-infused beauty products? These products are THC-free but retain the healing properties of hemp. Enjoy the stress-relieving properties of CBD with our lotions and essential oils.

Come to our New Boston, Texas store to learn more about CBD beauty products.