About Us

What happens when a California city girl and a small-town Ozark native meet in a flea market under the glow of a 4ft tall golden lady lamp? Kindred spirits collided and Switcheroo was born.

United by their passion for resale Maria & Tabitha laid out a plan to make their dream a reality. It wasn’t easy. Both had full time jobs and families. They set their sights on a derelict building downtown. After a lot of cleaning, painting, tile scraping, and sleep deprivation the little shop came to life.

Tabitha now runs the shop full time. It is in its second year of business and has over 140 consignors. She upcycles t-shirts into the bags for your shop purchases. She is very proud that in its first year alone over $7,000 has been given back to the community.

When you shop Switcheroo you keep things out of our landfills, help hardworking families get much needed added income, and walk away with quality items that didn’t make your wallet cry. Because of two hard working women, believe that everyone deserves to have nice things, and that helping people shop smart can have a profound effect on their community and the environment. And they made it happen.