We partner with a local boutique to sell their closeout items at a third of the boutique price.



You won't even know it's used!



We are the only authorized shop in the area to sell CBD!

Make the Switch to Upscale Consignment

Visit our resale boutique in New Boston, TX

When you shop at Switcheroo, you might find it hard to believe that we sell secondhand items. We only accept like-new items from the hottest brand names, so you'll feel like you're buying new items at closeout prices, including women's clothing, designer handbags, men's clothing, children's clothing and natural beauty products.

Visit our upscale consignment shop in New Boston, TX to see for yourself.

Why Switcheroo?

In the last year alone we have provided over $7,000 in supplemental income for everyday people just like you! Locals come to us to sell their quality items for them, which means that every purchase of gently used items that you make 50% goes back into the community.

We participate in community events such as Trunk or Treat & Pioneer Days to spread awareness about recycling. We are known for giving away free snow cones and popsicles because we believe that it is the little things that can make a big difference. We host Bag Sale Events every few months and give a portion of our profits to the Manna Kitchen, they feed lots of hungry people in our area and it is our pleasure to help support their great work.

We donate to local churches and schools in our area when we have items that are unsold or given to us that are useable but not up to our high standards for sale. Our favorite donation location is the battered women’s shelter.


The staff at Switcheroo selects some or our favorite jewelry


We fill boxes or bags with our selections and sell them, sight unseen.


You take a bag home, open it up and enjoy your new jewelry.

We also offer clothing grab bags if you'd prefer to let us be your personal shopper.

Grab bags are priced below their value, so it's a great way to save money on new adornments. Forget subscription boxes-get an upscale consignment shop grab bag instead!

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